To Africa

Four days til' take off.

The most commonly asked question has been the following: "Are you ready?" No offense to the 50million friends and family that have asked. . .but the answer is a resounding NO. How the heck do you become 'ready' to be away from all friends and family for 6 months straight!?!?!?! Is there some sort of 'how to' manual I forgot to read or was completely unaware of? In a foreign country. A foreign language. With nothing but 50lb. of essentials and a carry-on full of vaccines and altitude meds.

I am supposed to be sad, I think. That is the general consensus anyway. Leaving behind a serious dating relationship. A family. My 7 MBCH girls. My dream job. etc. etc. etc.

But I am not. Probably only because I am in denial. And I will not realize that I am going, until I am there.

". . .And she will run again one day
This time far from here
Where deadened and content
Dwell they whom comfort fear. . ."