3 days in counting. . .

Just 3 days left until I fly back to the States! I just returned from quite a long road trip to Kamuli, Jinja and Mityana. I was able to meet with the pastor and his wife in Kamuli and get a ton of pictures of the building of their orphanage, as well as sit down with them and write out a detailed list of cost of pricing for all the building materials. I visited with their kids some, had a lot of fun with stickers, bubbles and blow pops, spoke at their church gathering, and then headed back down to Jinja!

While in Jinja I was able to meet one of the tailors for Tukula (tukula.org) whom works with Joe and Melissa Terranova (Bruce's cousins!!!). It was so good to finally meet them and see their work, and we had a blast doing a photo shoot for the website (although it was QUITE toasty dressing 'fall-like' in the blazing heat), doing screen prints for the products, and meeting Esther (tailor).

From Jinja we went to Kampala to meet up with the Peases, who are the family Stacie and I stayed with last year while in Entebbe for 6 months. I stayed in Mityana for a few days with the family--soooooooo good to see them! Eric (papa), Colby (brother), Dan (Ugandan they work with/disciple) and I took a walk down to the water source which is a muddy hole in the ground, and were able to get some good pictures of locals fetching water there for possible future water projects. It has not rained there in 3 months!!! I don't think I've ever seen a dustier place. Not so good on the allergies :(

We headed back to Entebbe at 5:30A.M. this morning. . . still no good sleep since I left the states. . . And today Ivan and I and some others will be working on painting the second house of the Abba Home orphanage, and I will be meeting with Jackie to discuss the budget for the meal we will be providing for the kids on Monday.

Please continue praying for sleep, health, and safe/smooth travels back on Monday!