Road Trip!!!

Tomorrow morning at 8:30a.m. myself, Ivan (my Ugandan brother, my right-hand man) and Pastor Paul Basula will be headed to Kimuli to check on an orphanage that House of Friends started during one of their previous visits to Uganda. We will be getting pictures and video footage, and hopefully providing funds for doors and/or windows for the house.

From Kimuli, we will head to Jinja, where I will meet Joe and Melissa Terranova ( in order to get pictures/video footage of their tailoring project as well as discuss future partnership with their ministry. I will also be meeting with Edwin in Jinja. He has started an orphanage their called "JjaJja Barbara's House of Angels" which is named after my very dear Canadian friend Barbara, whom I met in Uganda. I will be providing him with a laptop and digital camera as well as taking pictures and video of the orphanage in order to promote future funding for the project.

From Jinja, I we will return to Kampala where we will meet the Peases; they are the family Stacie and I stayed with last year in Entebbe, Uganda. We will travel to Mityana where they are now stationed, and I will be looking at a possible future clean-water project site.

On the morning of Aug. 28, I will be returning to Entebbe, where Ivan and I and possibly Judy (just met her today~!) will be painting the second Abba House, distributing school shoes to the children, and doing an art project for the sponsors involved in the Abba Water Project in the States.

Please pray for safe travel, health, and that all that need be accomplished will be done so in a timely manner.....also that visits with Melissa and Joe, the Peases, and Edwin are blessed.

Thanks for reading....feel free to leave comments....lets me know you're actually here :) :) :)