I'm Judging You

I’m judging you, Blonde. Double Zero. 5’ 2”. With your chic outfit. Your tiny shorts. Your sea-blue eyes. Your $200 camera around your neck. Daddy’s money.

I’m judging you, Barbie.

I’m judging you, V-neck hipster. Tall and sure. In your skinny jeans. Your cocky air. Your pretentious talk of music. You bare your chest every day. Who do you think you are?

I’m judging you, Pretty Boy.

I’m judging you, Meat-head. Eating your protein bars. Your shaved arms. Your muscles protruding from your polo shirt. Cocky. Heartless.

I’m judging you, Player.

I’m judging you, Drunk. Racist. Bum. You are sober rarely. I have heard stories of your past. Prick. . . is what I’ve heard. You have everything. Yet you choose nothing.

I’m judging you, Pothead.

I’m judging Me, Reckless. Discontent. Confused. You can’t make up your mind. Flake. You cannot have the world, though you think you can. Settle down. Be still. Spaz. Affirmation-craving attention whore.

I’m judging me, always.

I’m loving you.

I’m loving you, Barbie. Beautiful girl. Sharing your broken story with a near-stranger. Your broken dreams. You are kind. You are searching. You are real. More real than I knew. Your soul is as radiant as your face.

I’m loving you, Beauty.

I’m loving you.

I’m loving you, Pretty Boy. Not as sure of yourself as I perceived. Cocky=insecure. Unsure. Thank you for your musical flare. For the drive and Great Lakes sunrise. Thank you for your embrace. Your gracious care. Your understanding.

I’m loving you, Kindess.

I’m loving you.

I’m loving you, Meathead. Indeed different than I thought. Guarded. Courageous. Damaged. You once had Hope. You will again, I am sure. Keep going. Keep laughing. Time will heal us both.

I’m loving you, Hero.

I’m loving you.

I’m loving you, Pothead. I did not know I would. I did not think I could. You are more gracious than I at first perceived. Your words heal my broken soul. Intelligent. Encouraging. You are my friend.

I’m loving you, Brother.

I’m loving you.

I’m loving you, Reckless. You are more than what you lost. Ambitious. Unconditional lover of people—of Life. There is no need to ‘settle’ if you wish to wander all your days. So long as you continue to love along the way.

I’m loving you, Hope.

I’m loving you.