Little Demons

Several years ago a friend of mine made the decision to leave a therapeutic day treatment center we worked for and go back to working a residential program for sexual offenders. 

Why would you ever go back?

I questioned.

If you know how horrible it is—you have done it before. Why? Why go back? Stay.

She smiled wryly.

The demons you know, right? We always go back to the demons we know.

Four years later—I have done the same. . .

Hello you little demons
Who steal these precious souls
Hello you heartless cowards
Who know not where to go

I’m sorry that you’ve come here
To take them as they are
You only mean to beat them
To leave them broken—scarred

I came back because I am insane
We all must be, you know
To come to such a hellish place
And think we will leave whole

Come back my child—I’ll follow you
Into the darkest night
When you raise your hand I’ll run from you
Or perhaps put up a fight

 I see you hiding there my dear
Beneath the grass, beneath your rage
I know you only run from me
Because you fear I will not stay

Tonight I proved you wrong, my dear
I turned my car around
I crouched beneath your barricade
I dared to make a sound

You’re still everything I said, you see
You’re everything and more
You’re smart and loved and worth the world
Not a worthless, used up whore

I know your pain runs deep and wide
And most I’ll never know
But for now please know I’m here
No matter what you show

Tonight I cry beneath the stars
And wonder why it’s so
That Life could give such brutal scars
And hope that we would grow. . .